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Over a year since my last post... What's new, internet?

Mysteriousal.com has been re-launched... Have a peep!

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Is amazing:

Monday, February 07, 2011


PMH's new tumblr project is all about fakes:


He sent me this email, in which he explains it better than I can:

hahaha...OK...everything on there is a FAKE...so on the front page you have old victorian fake ghosts that they used in parlour tricks from the 1800s, a fake hijab painted on, a famous fake arabian girl, bootleg jazz record, bootleg blues record, counterfeit picasso painting recovered from an art haul, an art installation from LA or miami where a japanese artist created a walk in installation with the idea of having a fake swimming pool you walk in, a fake osama bin laden driving liscence, fake pollock, fake eye lashes, mark gonzales fake skateboard (bending the rules), ben jones tromp l'oeil fake ladder paintings (he does them physcially for installations - inspired by 8bit art), fake tuxedo tee, bootleg motley crue record label, early reconstructive surgery....etc etc

everything on there (and will be) a fake, bootleg, counterfeit, cover version, ripoff, market hackjob etc

I love getting inspired by the internet. Mainly through Tumblrs. If you bookmark 20+ tumblrs, most of them have the same identical images or the same identical limited genrepool of images - sailor tats, racing bikes, leicas, hot models, designer flats, graffitti, supreme tees etc...
I really wanted to do a tumblr but not doing the same old stuff thats already being done well. I wanted a focus, and i decided / realised how much a) i love fake shit (from bad market goods like dvds and tees to shitty fantasy photoshop images...and b) how much of our culture is based on 'fakeness'...CGI, autotune, plastic surgery, ripping off peoples ideas, covers versions, remakes of films, 'homages' like Bapestas in relation to Nikes, Palace skate tees etc etc so i thought i could do something interesting, and using a few google search engine - fakes, bootlegs, counterfeit im coming up with some interesting images....enough to make a different and interesting Tumblr...i feel.
Ive found that looking for the fake shit, is more original than just following the (Tumblr) crowd.
You might not still get it, and some people definately wont get it! but I hope your well

Add it to your bookmarks!

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What the hell is going on? Grand Theft Auto just got crazy.



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Toys nowadays...



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You are amazing. There is nobody else in the world like you. Don't ever forget that.

WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo.

Everyone you've ever met is completely unique. Learn from them. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Enjoy peoples company and inherit qualities from people you like. This helps your personality to evolve. That is something that only humans can do, and your personality is different to everybody else's.

Fill your head with positive thoughts and surround yourself with positive things. Enjoy art, music, nature, food, drink. Do things that make you feel PROUD. Feeling proud makes you feel good and you feeling good makes others around you feel good. Get creative and start making art or music, or take photos or write words. If you didn't think you could make art before then forget all about that. Go to an art gallery and look around at things, or look in books or magazines. It doesn't matter who the art is by, all that matters is if YOU like it or not.

Start by getting influenced by artists that you like. Write down some names and tell people about them. Look for other works by that artist. They'll probably have some work at a gallery in London so you can see the piece in real life. Doing this is AMAZING. Your favourite artist actually made that piece and you're looking right at it. Buy the postcard or ask if you can take a photo. You can look at this photo any time you like.

Start making art of your own. Buy some paper and some pens or pencils. Start small if you like. It doesn't matter if your first few pieces don't look amazing. You are LEARNING. It doesn't matter if you're copying other peoples art, you are finding your own STYLE. Sometimes this takes people an entire lifetime. ENJOY this process as enjoying expressing yourself is the whole point of being an artist.

Listen to music that YOU like, and share it with your friends. Listen to as much music as you can. You can never hear enough. Borrow or buy an ipod. Music is the soundtrack to your life so don't worry about what other people think of it. Try making music of your own. Other people may enjoy listening to it, too. Start by using something simple like garageband. Or just hum to yourself when you're alone. Start by humming along to music that you like and take it from there.

You have a brain. You can love, hate, laugh, cry. You can influence theirs. You can change peoples lives. Nothing else in the universe can do all this. Create something. Write something. Be good to people and animals. The more positive things you do, the more will rub off on other people and the more you'll feel better about yourself. The better about yourself you feel the better you'll look, the better you'll act. You'll get laid more and have more friends. Your friends like you and you like them. It's all good.

Not even the most expensive computer in the world can do what you do. It will never be able to. You can have a thought and share that thought with others through expression: Art, music, the written word; or a simple conversation with your friends. Your thoughts and opinions are just as valuable as everybody else's and should be respected equally.

Do things that make you happy! If you feel that you haven't done this for a while then you can change it. Go for a walk, even a small one in your lunch hour. Draw a picture, treat yourself to your favourite food. Take a deep breath of fresh air. Look at some trees. Listen to your favourite song. Call someone you love. You are so lucky that you can do these things.

Try not to be jealous of other people. Lifestyles, material possessions, wealth; their lives are different from yours, so you can't be sure you'd enjoy them. Realise that your own life is the most important thing in the world. Enjoy your own potential. You are just as brilliant and unique as your favourite artist, musician, movie star or entrepreneur. Nobody knows what you're capable of. Even you. The fun part is finding out.